Falls Station Condominium
A condominium community in Arlington, Virginia 
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Additional Resources

Please refer to the Parking Resolution for information and rules regarding resident-owned and visitor parking.  Guests and visitors of Falls Station may park in designated visitor parking spaces.  Signs identify visitor parking spaces on both the lower and upper level of the parking structure.  A Falls Station visitor parking pass, issued to the unit owner must be displayed in guest vehicles. Guest parking is limited to four consecutive days or ten days per month.  Residents may not park their vehicles in visitor spaces.  If a vehicle has been towed, please contact Blair's Towing Co. at 112 W. Jefferson St., Falls Church, VA  (703)-241-1500.

Online Account Management
A web-based account management site is available at KPAlink.  Through this site, you can submit work orders, check your account balance and history, email the property manager, view condominium documents and policies, receive broadcast messages from management, view Board meeting minutes and access other important condominium-related information. You must be a current owner or tenant to register for the site and may do so by contacting KPA Management.

Trash Removal and Recycling
For your convenience, Falls Station provides curbside trash removal three mornings per week, M-W-F before 8:00 AM.  Household trash must be tied securely in trash bags. 

Condominium recycling is picked up once per week from the fenced-in recycling/overflow trash area in the lower parking level.  Recycling must be put into designated blue bins while black bins are for overflow trash.  P
lease flatten cardboard boxes and put in the designated metal cages.  Arlington County Code requires that between scheduled pickups, recycling be kept off the ground, and in the blue bins and with the lids closed.  Note that cleaned glass bottle and jar containers are recyclable at Falls Station.

Owners and residents who have items to dispose which do not fit in bins, or which are not household trash or recyclables, such as paint, appliances, construction material or furniture, are responsible for contacting Olivo Trash Removal at 703-237-1139 and making arrangements for a special pickup.  
Additionally, Arlington County accepts recyclable waste, including electronics and hazardous materials.  Call Arlington County at 703-228-6570 for more information
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